Announcement on behalf of activists

Greetings. I’m speaking on behalf of a number of RA social activists. Currently we have few evident facts; on February 18 the citizens of the Republic of Armenia have clearly rejected the criminal regime in power through their suffrage and the majority of RA citizens participated in elections voted for Raffi Hovhannisyan thus making him responsible for citizen votes.

Observing the election process in a number of polling stations we witnessed how the elections were rigged. Thus there is no doubt that the official election results do not represent people’s true will. Though as a group of social activists we have not been a part of any political team, neither have our group supported any candidate, nor have everyone of us cast vote in favour of Raffi Hovhannisyan, today we stand to secure the vote of the majority of those people, who voted for him.

As RA citizens we assume the responsibility to protect the suffrage as we protect soldier’s right for life in the army and fight for the justice, as we protected public area and social interests in Mashtots Park, as we fight for social justice in Teghut for the sake of social holdings and people’s right to live in a healthy and prosperous environment. During all the above stated struggles we were solely guided by the rights determined by the RA Constitution. During this struggle we will keep using the values and principals adopted by us; the supremacy of law, open and transparent public hearings, the inclusion of people willing to participate in decision making process and not making any private decision, arrangement or agreement.

The first step is already taken. We have rejected OSCE’s faulty reports on elections and mentioned that during their press conference. Though the RA citizens have witnessed and recorded various cases of flagrant electoral frauds and violations, international observers continue to legitimise the rigged elections by violating the democratic values adopted by themselves and implementing dual standards. Similar values should not exist in our country.

We consider that the results of falsified elections should be declared void and new elections should be held. We will focus all our resources to secure fair elections. The Republic of Armenia should have legally elected president. Irrespective of political views, cast vote, party membership and own antypathy, we urge all civil initiatives, parties, presidential candidates, individuals, briefly, all RA citizens to unite for the sake of fair elections. At the same time we urge all citizens, particularly young people and students to demenstrate dirrect civil disobedience through peaceful actions and announce general and student strikes aiming for annulation of election results. We don’t recognise any hero or redeemer. We recognise and believe in you, RA citizens; you are to shape the authority and you have to care for your own suffrage.

Ruzanna Grigoryan

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